Ahoy, Cap'n Flint!

Flint is alive and goodness if he isn't perfect!

  • Made the loot spawning mechanic (which also spawns giblets) respect the impact momentum of whatever hit the object because the gun didn't feel badass enough without it
  • Improved the weapon pick-up system so Flint can pull guns out of nowhere (I'm lookin' at you, Reaper from Overwatch)
  • Tweaked weapons so they know who's holding them which allows for the weapons to affect the wielder (e.g. kickback)
  • Generally finished the art for Flint
  • Attempted to balance the amount of stamina it takes to summon Flint's gun, fire it, and how much damage each shot does

I'm currently working on the feel of textboxes since the demo level is gonna need a cutscene and dialogue. I had to fix a couple bugs that were preventing textboxes from typing after all the refactoring I've done, but they're up and running again and now I just need to decide what sort of sounds the textbox will make when characters are talking. Sound design is hard.

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