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Previously, my devlog was hosted on my personal website. I wanna shift to using for future posts to maybe get some more marketing traction prior to the release of The Staff of Lewis. Here we go, community!

During lunch break today, I got a few things done:

  • Fixed a bug with the global players table which simplifies some error checking code
    • I was populating a controls key in the players table which didn't need to be there after the controls refactor I did a couple months ago. Gotta love finding legacy code hiding in unexpected places.
  • Improved player spawning
    • I'm using Tiled for my tilemaps and I was previously hard-coding spawn locations for each playable character. I generalized that so now Tiled has a spot for player 1 and a spot for player 2 and the game simply populates those locations with the correct character based on player character selections.
  • Started to make Flint a playable character
    • Lemme start off  by saying that Flint is a beautiful man. Flint's the pirate captain portrayed in the images attached to this post. The low-res version is the in-game character portrait while the larger image is a fanart phone wallpaper I created of my own character because I'm a sucker for pirates and penguins.
    • Flint's implementation doesn't allow him to shoot a gun just yet. Currently, he just throws Pablo's benji's ($100 dollar bills) and punches enemies. I'll fix this later (soon). I'm pretty stupid excited about the blunderbuss I've got planned for my boi.

The last twenty minutes of my lunch were killed by me not realizing that "1" == 1 isn't gonna evaluate to true because I'm dumb.

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