Click to warp your pumpkin. Warp through the skellies!



I wanted to learn Godot and threw together this little CompyCore Games Sketch over a couple days. Good for about thirty seconds of festive fun. Enjoy!

Works on Steam Deck!

Credit to PeriTune for the music.


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Version 2022.11.3.2018


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Shhhh... too loud!

The vibe is wicked cool! I love the music, sound effects, and art style. It might look better for the skulls to have some left / right profile variations. I would like to see some kind of pumpkin smash implosion when the skellies finally overwhelm the screen. Haha... Halloween!

Those are great ideas! Flipping the skulls left and right should be too tough. Thanks for playing and commenting! <3

Its cute, I hope you add more to it! Maybe health, the skeletons being enemies, or even just a hellfire mode for a million skeletons to attack the invincible pumpkin, lol.

Thanks for your comment! I really wanna add some of that! At the very least a score would be fun. I tried to keep it a "toy" instead of a game but I'm so tempted to make it something more!